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I agree with the context of this thread as a whole. I'm not saying, yeah let's make "Gray" stuff cause on the one side of the argument, I agree. That's just kinda dumb in many ways, but I respect the "Revanite" philosophy but when I do things on my Bounty Hunter for example I'm not really "Grey" I go where I want my character to go...where the credits are. I A lot of times, if I feel I'm not being paid to do something enough I won't do it and it will yield LS points or if I was paid to bring a boy back and murder his father because it was what I was -paid- to do that will yield DS points. In the black talon, for example, Kilran heavily inferred the imperial treasury would be grateful to do what was requested and he wanted the captain dead (DS points) and would prefer the General returned (LS points) which is what I tend to do even though I gave kilran a hard time because my bounty hunter doesn't really care for authority or the empire as a whole, just money. (doing those two options makes me walk out even dark/light) I've already RPed that if the republic had a bounty board I'd be working for them too. So, it becomes difficult later on to use restricted items for this reason. So while' I'm not exactly in "neutral" since I have like 750 LS points and around 600 DS points because decisions I would make as a character -myself-.

I'm also having a similar problem on my inquisitor, I'm doing selfish things or what I like to think as "planting" seeds of dissent for later to confuse other Sith so I can rise to power and I've already yielded quite a bit of LS from it. I'm about 800 LS and 700 DS, because I'm doing it for -me- and if I feel I'm ever questioned(even though that wouldnt happen but I like to immerse in my character) I could simply pin it on the person who assigned me the mission with enough cunning. It's not for some self righteous point of view I do this. I'm not trying to be "unique" in rolling a LS Sith because I know people want to do that like they are somehow "breaking the mold", far from it. I'm trying to RP a "Machiavelli/Sun Tzu" type character by balancing subjugation of being Feared and Loved and if you cannot have both then it is probably better to be Feared.

This is the issue of this thread, there has to be someway to make it work. Instead of maybe saying Dark 1 alignment maybe it could be Dark 1 alignment -or- 2000 alignment points total...or something. I'm sure there is other ways of approaching it where they can reward people who stay on one path and ways to appeal to people who like to make decisions based on how they want to play their characters.