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I direct this to Mr. Zoeller because i understand you designed the combat system, so i will assume you have an idea about what i am talking about.

But in case you dont i am referring to the fact that we have a lot of skills that simply do not work, or only work at half effectiveness. We start with smash, awesome aoe, balanced cooldown, Good for killing trash, its secondary effect of a stun doesnt work at all on mobs above weak. Not reduced duration which would be logical, but doesnt work at all.

On to force scream, same deal, no reduced duration, reduced effectiveness, no stun at all, fine, i accepted all that.

Then we get to pommel strike and savage kick, 2 skills, for the life of my, i dont understand the design philosopher of. These skills do an absurd amount of damage, If the target is incapacitated, immobilized, or slowed. They are not off the global cooldown so they are incredibly tricky to time, one of them has a RIDICULOUS cooldown (45 seconds) and neither of them work on any mob above strong.

Wait.. what?

First i have to line up the perfect stun, one that lasts longer then 1.5 seconds, leaves only backhand, force choke if you specced into it and force charge if you specced into it. But on top of that they have to be less then elite?

Dont get me wrong, these skills are amazing for killing normal mobs... but then again, so is my charge, smash, force scream, sweeping strkes combo that usually insta kills most normal mobs.

All of these skills are subpar in pvp, with the exception of force scream if you speced into it, which becomes your staple survivability skill.

So i ask Mr. Zoeller, what is the design philosophy behind these 2 skills, and why do you think we would want to use them?

There is some blatantly large problems with a lot of what you wrote.

Problem 1) you clearly don't understand how kick works, as your target need only be slowed, and you can slow an elite or strong mob. Companions with a slow or chilling scream will activate kick. So if your not using kick it's because you don't know how to play your class right.

Problem 2) Pommel is clearly a near instant kill attack to help clear weaker adds. If you think it's for you to do massive damage with all the other cool downs the SW has your insane. Why? because the SW would do as much or more damage then less tanky classes if you could use pommel at will.

Problem 3) PvP if your marauder you do pretty decent damage and can kill people. If your jugg and your trying to DPS people down then your playing your class wrong.

Overall? I see a lot of complaints from people who haven't even figured out how to properly play their class yet. Which leads to a bunch of people /signing something because they are equally ignorant and want someone to hold their hand and make it easy rather then interesting.
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