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12.26.2011 , 04:09 AM | #56
Normally these issues come down to, two main problems. The first is the speed and gap that peopl level at. If you have been playing this game like for a few hour a day then you wont have trouble ever finding a group due to the majority of players being around your level.

If on the other hand you have been playng more hardcore then finding people around your level its going to be alot harder. These is just what happens when a game launchs and people go at it with different mentallity.

A LFG would be nice around the 2-3month mark as long as it only across server so if you meet a player who good, had a laught with then you add as a contact. I feel the people who generally are calling out the loudest are the power levels who dont want to spend 30mins talking to people because thats time they could be level'ing.

I have just reached 50 my self and never had a issue with finding groups. I didnt spam general chat and im not in a guild. I message indervisuals i saw online and normally 90% of the time people wanted to do the content this also applys for the H4's.

Unforunity system's like LFG have conditioned players not to think about how to get a group. They just spam chat and dont really talk to players. Maybe in a few months LFG will be needs but for now players need to remember how to talk to each other.