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As previously stated a comparison of WoW experiences should not affect this game but at least provide with some constructive hints of perhaps what to avoid.

At start and maybe even up to and including a future expansion I would *totally* vote this feature down. Just let the people use the in game chat and LFM, LFG which will be much more fun because everyone wants to do everything anyway.

However I also remember as someone else mentioned when I rerolled in WoW after two years the constant agony of NOT finding a group to do instances with.

You were constantly worried about :
1) Finding a group at all in the first place. You were essentially forced to sit in a major city yelling in trade/general which meant that I could sacrifice two or three hours and have no fun at all.

2) Traveling was not fun because usually the group was quite a loose set of people anyway who were just leveling/questing and really didn't want to spend their time traveling which left it up to me and begging someone else to follow so we could summon the rest.

3) Suddenly someone just left the group without a single word or comment or anything. Typically this happened just a few minutes before you would arrive to the summoning stone. NOTE : Just remember how it felt when you were alliance and went all the way to Scarlet Monestary (shudder)

4) When someone left the group then usually everything fell apart. The reason was normally that they were questing at random locations and there was no suitable way for anyone (except me) to port back to a major city and start spamming trade/general again.

If you were *lucky* to get a new member again just go back to the worrylist.

So normally about 30-50% of the groups fell apart in these circumstances.
Great gametime, NOT!

What I think will be the best landmark of when to implement a more "sophisticated" LFG tool is when instances during leveling and/or hard group quests are almost never completed at all. (Bioware will have the stats)

To conclude I would vote a long-into-the-future LFG tool where you have :
1) A GLOBAL chatgroup where you can find members. (actually that would be nice to have at once)
2) When implemented include the option to zone at least reasonably close to a hub where it's easy to get to the the instance.
3) Initially do NOT implement it as cross-server.
4) When the "LFG tool" single-server starts to get less and less used then think about implementing it cross-server but not before that