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Community in this sense means that you play with some personal real-life friends, guildmates you like and maybe a couple people on your friends list that you thought were good tanks or whatever, instead of doing "pick up groups" where you group with random people you don't know.

In a game with no sense of community, you may group with just about anyone randomly and never see them again. In a game with a good sense of community, you will very rarely ever group with anyone you don't regularly group with, and dislike it when you do.
Yeah, but they could still fix this by making us goto a certain place to let us QUE and making it only with persons on our server, having no que system at all, meaning we end up spamming general chat for hours on end, is stupid.

At the moment, the abnoxious sith sorcerer who has been there for 5mins spamming "LFG" 5 lines every 30 seconds, can get into a group before someone who has been waiting for like 30min and not being a moron about it.
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