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12.26.2011 , 03:28 AM | #10
I have to disagree. So far my bf and myself are on correlia (just started it) with our sentinel and sage combo. We've done every heroic 4 mission (except tyrant) in the game that we've ran across easily with our companions T-7 (our tank) and Tharan. Having to use proper CC has been a nice change. Reminds me of the DAoC days with mez and stuff pre-pbaoe era. But none have really been difficult at all so far. I think we do them faster than most groups though too since it seems alot of people are just being careless through them from what i gather.

I know alot of people complain about their companions but Tharan's CC has been done well with the AI and T-7/scourge both tank just fine for us. No issues at all.