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12.26.2011 , 03:25 AM | #9
Some Heroic 4s are ridiculously tough, others not as much. I think part of the problem is actually that it's hard to know which Heroic 4s require a balanced group and which do not. I've gone through a few where everyone was dps or hybrid, sc****** through even without a healer. Others have been absolutely impossible without a balanced, skilled team.

As a general rule, you should try to get a balanced team for Heroic 4s, but it's not always necessary. On top of which, I'm of the opinion that Heroic 4s have already been toned down; I feel like they were a little harder in beta, but this is only my personal opinion and may not reflect reality.

ETA: And apparently s-c-r-a-p-i-n-g is censored out. Great job on the filter guys.