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I've just now seen another thread where someone wants such system and got some heat for it. I supported the OP, and even I got some heat for it. So, I want to ask this question to all who oppose it.

In what specific way will such a system hurt you that you find it necessary to deny others this feature?

The biggest complaints I have heard are (1) it kills the community and (2) a lot of players will leave the game, possibly because it kills the community. Most of those speak from experience of WoW. If this is your issue, I would like you to describe your idea of community in SWTOR and how is that community hurt by such a system.

Personally, I do not think community should be forced on others. There are people of many different backgrounds playing SWTOR. Some like to interact extensively with others, including during the process of forming teams. Others don't. Certainly people who want to look for others on their own should not be denied that right. They are free to not use the group-searching function. I think it a foregone conclusion that anyone who uses such a system is not interested in wasting time looking for a team over the chat channels. That is not the kind of community they want to join. I see no harm that these people pose to the community of people who look for others on their own.

If, on the other hand, you simply threaten to leave the game if such a feature is added, then there is no reason to debate. Just as some players will leave if such a feature remains absent, you are free to leave if this feature offends you. In this case, it's simply up to the devs what they want to do.
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