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Edit #2: It seems like all neutral related threads are being moved from the general forums and being hidden in the story and lore forums... >.< Disappointing.
That IS disappointing.

I love the alignment system for the options it currently offers, as MMOs dont usually do this kind of stuff. And I have been able to act appallingly evil by the dark side choices so far, pretty unique in terms of games in general.

But the system shoehorning people to either light or dark is not a good thing.
Thats less immersive, not more. There needs to be more options than just the two imo, even though Im perfectly fine that this wouldn't apply to all situations. Life's full of tough choices, after all. There can be some. But not every conversation is about life and death.

While the devs may introduce more neutral alignment gear, I suspect we wont see them add more dialog options ot the current content, Im afraid. That would have to go through all the trouble that is involved for them to get voiceacted and all.
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