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12.26.2011 , 02:49 AM | #10
I have a L32 warrior tank and have been PVPing pretty extensively. It works well when you have a good healer backing you up. It falls on its face when you try to take on something with an ability to stun and get distance and hit you hard before you can leap again or trying to take on more than 1v1 (which is still hard). The damage is poor, but if you hunt in packs you can help by taunting and shielding others. I get my kills from this or trying to find weakened targets to isolate and kill. It isn't pretty.

I've done the best in Alderran and the Void Star where combat is a more tactical and spread out. I have usually ended up near the top in those BGs. In Huttball I am usually at the bottom and end up being dog chow. There are so many levels and it is such a tight arena the ranged DPS will shoot down on you then knock you back off the platform when you leap to them. My best advice here is to again try to stay near good healers and use force push and choke to keep force users off you. There isn't much you can do about ranged if you were blown back after a jump. Shield and pray I guess.

I haven't solved the problem of being stun locked or constantly CC'd. You can use your one ability to get out of the first one (I always forget ability names), but if it is on cooldown or you are CC'd again right afterward, you will die (shielding only seems to delay it slightly).

The TL;DR? Warrior tanks do OK in some situations, but if you want to pump out the damage or have more utility, I'd look elsewhere.