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12.26.2011 , 02:32 AM | #1
As a Operations leader and healer I clearly lack tools to manage the raiders.

I suggest the following:

1. A smaller but compact window containing all raiders in a box-formation where their healthbar is showing 90% and 10% is their energy/rage-bar. Eventual afflictions that I can purge are showing in the center but should be an option for me to customize (old wow-players think "GRID-addon")

2. I desperatly need a /roll 1-100 function or /random function so the Operation can discuss the loot and where to place it best without worrying about roll-timer. It also helps us re-roll eventuall missclicks.

3. Where is the readycheck-button? I cant sort out who is ready and who is out peeing or had to run out to walk the dog just when we are to pull. And its absolutly crazy to ask 16 ppl "Are you ready?" and start checking off the "ready"-replys that hopefully everyone is giving, praying I did not miss anyone.

4. Summoning-stones or functions! Even Wow figured that out in vanilla-launch, guys! The travelling to flashpoints and worldbosses etc are seriously cumbersome and extremly annoying. Its NOT a pleasant game-experiance to "watch the scenery" on your way to a flashpoint or worldboss when your teammates are crying "please hurry" cuz you are on the other side of the galaxy with a cd of 18 hours on emergency fleet pass.
So I suggest a summoning-ability for groupleaders or even the assisting operation-leaders.

This start would aid the Operations greatly to organize instead of making them a hassle to avoid to play/explore.
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