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08.28.2014 , 05:53 PM | #10
Thanks Yolo and Stryvah for the kind words.

I think it is safe to say now that I will no longer have forum access in a couple days. I want to thank you all who have read my guides for Marksmanship/Sharpshooter and for making SWTOR full of competitive fun. While I am at it, I want to spitball some of the tentative future updates I have in mind...

1.) I may either scrap the whole contents of the 2.0 guide to make room for the 3.0 guide or I may start a new thread.
2.) I may create my "Snipers/Gunslingers Thoughts and Criticisms" thread on this Sniper thread (and in the 3.0 PTS Thread) just to highlight what's nerfed, what's buffed, and what's new in 3.0.
3.) Before I lose forum access, I forgot to add the importance of Laze Target/Smuggler's Luck. I'll explain more in-depth hopefully as soon as possible

Other than that, I hope to see you all in 3.0. It's an open discussion from here on out, so feel free to use this thread concerning this spec.

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