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Nice point there.

I wonder if it had to do with resource wise back in the production of the Star Wars series. Essentially, the production of the Star Wars races were limited to certain aspects of production such as make-up, costumes, etc. I wonder that the limitation in this area caused a restricted point in making different races well, just that different!

Also, how can other races man ships? Do you ever remember the part in The New Hope where Luke was out to destroy the Death Star? Not once did I see a non-human fly a ship. The only time I remember aliens flying ships was when The Phantom Menace was out, but that was because of the technology they had at the time.

So perhaps that the technology advancement was a roadblock in the 4-6 episodes and maybe the outlook in alien races were slightly different.

Maybe this makes a new look on Star Wars races in general.

Btw, I wonder what Jawas and Ewoks came from lol.
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