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I last played SWTOR back 2012 and a lot has changed. I love running instances and was wondering if there was a "in-game" group finder? If so, how do a cue for it?
As others have said, Groupfinder is made for matching up groups for Flashpoints (according to your level, and needing 1 tank 2 DPS 1 healer), Tactical Flashpoints (flashpoints with no set roles needed), and if you're level 50 or 55, Operations (but hardly anyone actually finds a group through these- better to find one through Fleet chat or your guild).

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Also, for the life of me I can not find the window that tells me about my companion, likes & history. Lots of youtube vids show the window, but not how to get to it.
Sounds like the Codex entries on companions... I haven't accessed my Codex since the new update but it should still be a tab in your missions log, press "L" to bring that up.
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