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Sorry I have been gone but I'm back and here's the plan we have the original group that is full I am sorry but for anyone that wants to join I will make a guild and you will be able to pick your own to group maybe one day are group might help each other.
Very well. That is what I was trying to tell them. So my character's name is Thaius, NerdyBlueGuy. I am aware your character's name is Flayceno. When would you like to meet online? And there is still the matter of Karma and the other guy figuring out what class they're going to be (advanced class). I have Thaius down for guardian tank roll, and you are a consular so I assume you will be a sage or shadow, but those are the only two. All that's left is sage/shadow and sentinel.

My characters on the republic side, of which I spend 90% of my time are Oba'dur, Mathaeus, HK'Thirty-Seven, and Thaius.

Besides Flayceno, what are your characters that I could possibly contact you on?

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