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Both can output high amounts of DPS. You do need to know how to play the toon in order to achieve high DPS output, like learning the proper rotation for to pop instants that pop armor penetration, release cooldowns, etc. Both can be very effective, but just different strategy. Assassins have stealth that is great for getting yourself and a group to bypass situations.

Keep in mind, they are two different playing styles. One's ranged, with a couple killer melee moves, and the other is melee with a couple close ranged attacks. I find that playing a merc is much faster in dealing out damage especially on groups because of quick targeting and multiple AoE damage abilities. They also do pretty well agains single target. Assassin's are great for single target, but, IMO, are slow switching from target to target compared to Maurader. Mainly because you do most of your best DPS when attacking from behind the target, so it takes a but more time to align yourself. However you can generally one or two shot them pretty easily.

As far as companions go, as a merc, you get dear sweet Mako pretty early on in the game. She's an amazing healer, and probably my most favorite companion in the game.

Hope this helps.