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12.26.2011 , 01:18 AM | #62
I'll preface this by saying I'm not a WoW player, past or present.

I really agree with th OP.
I don't -need- this stuff but nitpicking that word is pointless.
You dont -need- to have fun either, if u want to be THAT technical.

Combat logs are HUGELY beneficial, and add a LOT of fun to my gameplay. I really enjoy this game but it's been SO annoying not being able to go back and look at details of a fight.

"Target of my target" is another hugely useful tool. Not as much for dps, but for healers and tanks it makes things much more intuitive and less tedious. I really dont see any reason NOT to have this.

The UI in this game is a huge disappointment. Its nowhere near the quality of the rest of the game. It really should be a LOT more customizable in everything from hotbars to chat windows to moveable/resizable windows. Everyone seems to want this, I just don't get how they dropped the ball so bad on this aspect of the game.

Understand, I don't want the game to be easier. I enjoy challenging gameplay. These changes aren't to "omg make the game easier," they are to make it less cumbersome and more fun without taking away from the skill needed to play.