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In the crew skills there is somethin about bio chem so I say it is involved in the Star Wars universe
Nowhere do I see anything about biochem that has anything to do with what we are discussing here. The biochemical science we see in the codexes explain the contents of the scientific injections that affect neurological stimulation and health regenerations.

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--evolution, in my opinion.

Since the there are so many humaniod-looking races, I always assumed that more-- excuse this word-- primitive life forms, such as those akin to our reptiles and mammals (certain races do resemble lizards or other reptiles, just as others may represent one of our own mammals) simply evolved into bipedal species through natural selection since having the use of two arms and opposable thumbs naturally gives one the competitive edge. There also must be more evolution to be done. I'm on a Darwin-binge at the moment, so pardon.

In any case, you do bring up a valid point.
The bi-pedal state has left a wondering idea of our indication of humanlike species, but the probability of species living on Earth that are bi-pedal are not as common, let alone humans. Birds, primates, and kangaroos, are yet those of the animal kingdom that are left in the bi-pedal stage.

However, the formation of **** sapiens is left with a wondering question. I am not saying I believe or agree with Darwinism, but I am just conducting science fiction theories.
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