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Hi i just returned after a 8 month hiatus, wondering what character to level first between a merc and an assassin
things im looking for
-Best storyline
-Best companions
-Best dps at endgame pve

I think the Inquisitor has one of the best storylines in the game. Some people disagree, but I think it just comes down to what you're looking for in the storyline.

The story is about a rise to power. It's not about being some great Sith right from the start...and it's definitely not a "Palpatine story" as some people feel they were led to believe.

As far as companions...Khem is one of the most bad*** companions (in my opinion) and perfect for a darkside character. Ashara works for what she is placed in the story to do (mechanics-wise, she is kick*** with her DPS). Xalek, I haven't used him much at all...but I'm not fond of how he is portrayed during the recruiting storyline...especially with what the PC character went through to get where they are. However, he is another force-user...which is a plus. Talos and Revel...not a fan of either (though mechanics-wise, Talos is your healer, and Revel is a good range DPS).

All that being said, lore-wise...the Inquisitor's companions make up what is arguably the most powerful group of companions. Only the Jedi Knight companions can be argued against that fact.

EDIT: Misread...anyways, I can't say much on which is better for DPS in endgame pvp.
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