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Good read so far Shulk. Just a few things in the Nightmare Raiding section that I do that may be worth noting down;

Johnny Grob Thok :
Using Entrench on the last second of Pipe Smash will give you the knock up immunity for the duration of Pipe Smash and the following Overhead Smash after the magnet is destroyed. It's off CD for every Pipe Smash. You can also Corrosive Dart/Shatter Shot (if required by your group) and roll into the middle of the room during the pull to get the 3 second Entrench from Portable Bunker to resist the first Overhead Smash.

P.5 There is a spot where you can place Orbital to hit two Fingers and the Hand. Gotta pad them numbers.
P.6 There has been a bit of discussion with Snipers I know about when to use Entrench on this fight. Some believe that using Entrench early while she is bubbled so it is up after the first shield is the best way to manage the CD. I don't really agree with that as it will still be 5-15 seconds on CD after the second sheild (depending how early/late you push it) so I like not using it after the first shield to guarantee the knock back immunity during Bloodthirst (that's when my group uses it). Not really a guide point, just food for thought.

Timings for Sniper Volley to work around the challenges;
1. Use in the beginning room, don't use again til first challenge.
2. Use when it comes off CD after the challenge and it will be back for the second challenge.
3. Use off CD unless Spinning Attack is in the next 10-15 seconds.

If I'm ever not kiting, I'll put my 2 cents in

Thanks for the shout out, BUT HOW DARE YOU MISSPELL MY NAME . Hope to see you raiding again soon.

Edit: Corrected Brontes P6 to actually make sense
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