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The Shadowlands
Republic: Firestar, Kaydens, Razkon, Romax, Koya, Straya, Thrishe, Bodycount, Visas, Tymme,, Holyweapon, Ilsilud, Zonri, Barnabus, Bheema, Cym'baline, Pexi, Drewbacca, Baerroth, Mintas, Kay'l, Jenee, Fare, Shizune, Jakson, Rouge-one, Rgue-Five, Rgue-leader, Anagrind, McGrath
Imperial: Xi'ao, Whill, Hussar, Toddy, Lormaru, Nefaro, Nurul, Traverse, Arc-a, Ajora, Kassk, Sindra, Re-d, Retsigam, Eskimo'callboy, Gse, Spicy-J, Venerous, Ragedreamer, Lai'tish

I have no clue on the others servers, but I can update this one:
Republic team needs to take off about half these guys...all the rogues listed don't fly anymore...Firestar, Straya, Holyweapon, Barnabus, Pexi, Jenee nvr seen in my 1500 plus least nothing of note to say they are Ace worthy...the remaining ones at least play....and are ok to at least decent...with a few great pilots!

Imperial team needs to take off Kassk, Sindra...nvr seen them, Re-d doesn't subscribe and hasn't flown since the winter months, retsigam is off playing other games and hasn't flown worth a dam since January.....eskimo is un subbed w/ a broken CPU and hasn't fired a shot since April, Goose is done w/ the game and hasn't flown since March!

My updated list would include a few new candidates that have come on the scene lately and are better players than most on the list!

Republic: Rakuun is the deadliest Republic pilot on the server...he always tops the charts and hardly loses!!
Llikyks is mean with his ships and talks to much trash, but always backs it up!!
Triamatrene is one of the fastest rising pilots on his gunship, not any good on his others, but can snipe!
Imperial: Acrimous is good in everything he flies, one of the top 5 pilots easy on the Imp side
Keetah is annoyingly good and is tough to cap a point he's defending

The Shadowlands
Republic: , Kaydens, Razkon, Romax, Koya, Thrishe, Bodycount, Visas, Tymme,, Zonri, Barnabus, Bheema, Cym'baline, Drewbacca, Baerroth, Mintas, Kay'l, Fare, Shizune, Jakson, Anagrind, McGrath. Rakuun, Llikyks, and Triamatrene
Imperial: Xi'ao, Whill, Hussar, Toddy, Lormaru, Nefaro, Nurul, Traverse, Arc-a, Ajora, Spicy-J, Venerous, Ragedreamer, Lai'tish, Keetah and Acrimous

The above list would be a more precise updated list, and still some of the people on the list don't fly near as much and aren't near as good since patch 2.7......but they desrve to be noticed and respected

Hopefully if anyone else feels inclined to update the list they should, be nice to get a more accurate list and see some new and deserving faces be recognized!!!!
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