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To put this in the most objective way possible:

HMD (imp side) is only 10/10 nim df/dp guild on server, however some debate has raged over the methods used by the guild to kill council.

Redemption (pub side), Exit Area (Imp side), Forge (Imp side), and Undercon (pub side) are all 9/10 and missing council kills.

All but exit area were pre-nerf kills on brontes (exit area did not exist before 2.9 dropped), all 5 are gatecrashers.

HMD is basically a "show-up for raid then **** swtor" guild now. Forge no longer is pursuing nim content. Undercon just went from 16m content down to 8m. Redemption, I honestly can't say much about. And Exit Area is a relatively new guild.
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