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Lowbie Mando Raiders, a level 24 instance.

I haven't leveled a healer in a while, and although my main is a commando I figured I'd do a merc, just to see the story. Generally I do the flashpoint daily and that's it, double back for class missions when I've dinged a few levels.

Groupfinder pops and it's me healing, Jugg tank, Assassin dps and MARAUDER.

Trash Before First Boss

MARAUDER wants to up the degree of difficulty and pulls an extra pack during one fight. "Ok, no prob. You want to skill check me, I got this."

MARAUDER doesn't believe in out of combat healing.

MARAUDER does believe in starting each encounter. To his credit, the Jugg was in tanking stance but i don't think realized the problem here.

Boss with the Two Dogs

MARAUDER and the other two players leap to the middle. I'm not sure who the boss has aggro on, but it doesn't really matter as all three of the hostile mobs and all three of our melee are stacked in a juicy red circle of death.

Every now and then one or both of the dogs will aggro to me, which is actually an improvement as it gets them away from the boss. The Assassin is kind enough to notice and walks over to poke the dogs occasionallly when this happens.

Our melee seem to have decided on dividing the mobs equally between themselves and inserting an interesting pacing mechanic into the fight. All three mobs die within seconds of each other.

Aim legs drop. MARAUDER needs them.

Trash in Corridor

There's five mobs in the pack: 2 melee and 3 ranged. Each dps (let's be honest, there's no tanking occuring) picks a ranged and moves down the corridor to engage them.

The two melee mobs beeline it for me like I'm the hottest thing since N'SYNC. I stand there facetanking while our dps whack away. Eventually they kill the ranged mobs, but since they're now further up the corridor and not interested in turning around (MARAUDERS dont retreat) none of them notice I'm still getting attacked.

It takes about 20 seconds for one of them to finally figure this out, and again my friend the Assassin is kind enough to come kill the mobs that are all over my ***. Seriously, I stood there healing through this for 20 seconds.

As we continue *every* mob, even ones blatantly out of our line of travel must be engaged, by MARAUDER who has a thirst for digital blood.

Convo Screen

Right before this the Jugg disconnects. While waiting I'm curious so i check achievements. Yup, both on their first toon.

Eventually the Assassin gets around to vote-kicking the afk player, MARAUDER agrees. I pull out Mako and off we go through more trash. Right before the last boss we get a replacement who decides he doesn't want to walk all the way through the instance and leaves.

No prob, Mako it is.

Turret Boss

I type something like "when turrets spawn kill them, ignore the boss."

MARAUDER leaps. Boss goes to first turrets. Assassin switches to a turret, but MARAUDER can't be bothered to attack some dinky robot when there's a real live Mandolorian there to be butchered.

MARAUDER follows the boss around the room, aggro'ing every set of turrets. Assassin and I die on the second set.

By the time Assassin and I get back after respawning MARAUDER has Vette out.

I try again with the 'turrets first' communication. Seems to go better, MARAUDER acknowledges and confirms receipt of this information.

However, on the first set of turrets MARAUDER again stays on the boss.

Lines of text spring from my fingers:

-attack the turret
I will concede that this isn't terribly clear, but I'm a bad panic typer.

It works! MARAUDER is now willing to lower himself to attacking the turrets. However, by the time this goes through the second set have spawned and are shooting us from across the room.

We're making better progress now, the problem is that Vette is still targeting the boss and the third set pop up early.
-switch vette's target
This is obviously some sort of witchcraft and is dutifully ignored by MARAUDER.


Somehow we all survive and boss dies. 2 aim pieces drop, MARAUDER recognizes my efforts by allowing me to Need on them sucessfully.

Thanks for saving my bacon Assassin buddy. You're gonna go far.