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GSF is the main reason i played this game, and the main reason i re-subbed and the sole reason im unsubbing. Theres no point at all in playing GSF when the enemy team has 3 gunship camping your spawn point or sitting in midfield with repair drones around them. Fly in as a scout get insta killed . Strike fighters don't have enough speed or boost to get next to them in time. Scout can't do anything to them i've shot rockets at them laser cannons and somehow when im shooting them i seem to get hit with reflective damage? This is unacceptable. Nothing beats them. I've teamed up with a player who had a cartel scout ship vs 1 gunship and he still managed to kill both of us in 4 shots.
Oooooh, a Cartel ship. Well now that your friend put down the big bucks it's basically unconscionable that he lost.