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In my opinion best way to deal with multiple gunships is to try your luck with high evasion build tier 2 scout using burst lasers and clusters.. I have yet to test rocket pods, but I have a feeling that they may be pretty great alternative for gunship hunting too. Even though you have pretty good maneuverabilty with tier 2 scout as it is you should look for engine overcharges too if possible. It will give you great edge when fighting multiple gunships that are far apart from each other. Always look out for gunships don't get too carried away dogfighting other ships because if you succeed in taking gunships down they have tedency to pay you back sooner or later. Watch who they are targeting (remember that some sneaky ones might try to bluff you) and how far they are from you. Then attack or get out of their line of sight/range. Try not to charge them head on unless you have all evasion buffs on - with them you can usually leave it up to luck.

You may not be able to carry whole team that way, but you should be able to make gunshipers suffer atleast as long as you aren't againts coordinated premade with voip. Burst lasers alone should be enough to take most gunships down even when they are close to repair drone, but I usually tend to deal with drones first especially railgun ones since they don't miss no matter how much evasion you have. In case they are middle of minefield I would probably rather use gunship with ion railgun or atleast ask someone to deal with those mines first before going in with my scout. It depends very much on situation. I don't guarantee this will work, but it is what I would try in tough situation like that and It has ocassionaly worked pretty well for me.

I haven't played againts players using feedback shields too often since most gunships (tier 1 and 3) rather go for distortion field, but I think they only reflect back primary weapon damage so you should be able to use missiles and rocket pods without getting any damage - though I might be wrong about that. Like I said I'm not really expert againts them since I rarely see them in use, but for me they haven't really been problem and I think it's been pretty rare for me to die because of them. Just don't hit them with your lasers if you are low on shields and hull and they have that buff on.

As far as balance goes it's not too bad like Nemarus said it's some scout builds that are overpowered rather than gunships even though gunships will feel overpowered for new players. In my opinion 1v1 all ships are pretty well balanced even when some clearly are bit stronger than others and some are bit weaker. As long as you know what your ship can do and what your enemy can do you have pretty good chance to take them down, if you are both close to same skill and gear level. Then again it's never really 1v1. I admit gunship/bomber heavy matches tend to be a problem. Experienced players will always have edge againts noobs even if they aren't playing in premade. Coordinated premades are completely different story. Bad match making could be fixed, but I don't think players should be forced to use some other ship class just because whole team is using same class they want to use.
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