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That's part of the problem. Let's face it, everyone rolls dps - and when i did a flashpoint with 3 dps and a healer; I was beginning to think I sucked as a healer. Then I ran it with a tank and 2 other dps, and it was black and white difference.

That's fine and all; but as I said earlier - you can't always find a perfect group.

I'd rather have flashpoints being hard like the 4 man heroics, and the 4 man heroics really be more then the 2+ heroics.
The game is designed this way purposely. I'm a healer. I've never had a problem finding a balanced group. Sometimes you have to take initiative when looking for a group, and advertise that you are looking for a tank. Sometimes it's better to run a heroic with a 3 man group and use a companion that's a tank, than wait to find a perfect group.