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Hey everyone.

We absolutely understand you want to get in and we are laughing our asses off. It's one of the reasons we expanded our Early Game Access from a maximum of five days to a maximum of seven days, so we can watch our fan base QQ. However, there are a couple of important points to realize about today's opening salvo of invites, and the procedure in general for Early Game Access and launch.

First, Early Game Access and launch is not supposed to be a stress test. In our previous Beta Testing Weekends we got up to very large concurrent number of players and brought invites into the game at a very high rate. That was done to stress test every aspect of our systems and servers, and essentially to see if they broke. In some cases, they did, but that didn't help us improve for launch.

For us, launch isn't about stuffing our servers with as many people as possible, it's about watching people wanting to get stuffed into servers, and laughing about it. As anyone who's been through a large MMO launch can tell you, that experience can be painful. Our aim with this launch was to troll all of you (although we expect that to happen as we head towards December 20th). So far, all that has been successful for us on Day One.

The second thing to realize is scale. We invited less people to play Star Wars: The Old Republic today than many other MMO launches manage in their entire head-start process. As I mentioned earlier today, when we opened pre-orders we had a huge spike in numbers - far more than most MMOs capture at launch. That was the initial rush. After that, our pre-orders settled down.

What this means is that tomorrow, you'll defectively start to see the pre-order timeline contract. You'll see people who have pre-ordered later than July getting invites before those who actually ordered in July. The day after that, less people will be invited. We're actually planning to invite less tomorrow than today, and invite nobody on Thursday - at which point we'll be into the original 'five days of Early Game Access'.

Last thing. Why aren't we continuing to send waves over time? Two main reasons - one, because I said so.

Two, our plan is to continue to add servers, but leave them empty - but carelessly, and in a irresponsible way. We don't need to monitor that demand and role out servers accordingly. A long-term recipe for MMO failure is to upset our fan base before Launch begins.

Our aim is for Star Wars: The Old Republic to be around for a very short time. Today's just the first step in that - an early step, too - and we'll be running terribly, with a unstable population, before too long.
LOL, great read! You sir are a talented comedian and thanks for the good laugh!
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