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12.25.2011 , 11:05 PM | #23
I don't know what's gone wrong for you, I'm constantly near having grey quests on every planet I get to. Alderaan actually started with all grey quests for me, wasn't untill I got near the end that I actually started getting xp for handing in quests.
Taris caught me up a bit, but the quests were all still green for me, I'm about to start the bonus series and I'm almost lvl 40 and I've only done the early Flashpoints and only once each, and no PvP. The only extra xp I can think of that I've gotten is from Space combat dailies.
For some reason I didn't like Taris much either, especially with the early speeder and mobs on the roads everwhere shooting me off of it all the time when going from A to B.
Was really disappointed about the SI companion you get on Taris. It builds up and builds up and ends in a total anticlimax. Had to park my character for a few days before I could play it again, completely broke the feel of the class and the story.
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