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08.09.2014 , 09:51 AM | #38
I think you are right, the event ones should be tied to the events.

Oh, my, you just gave me an idea. To cover his stupid Mohawk, but keep the face pretty without the beard. For once the buggy cutscenes that keep the helmets on would benefit the player. That sand-people helmet social will do nicely! And yes, I have no idea what possessed them. I guess they had to use the new styles.

With one exception - Ashara. Locking all Ashara customization to Sk is unfair to the non-US player because thy can't get the key, and if they do not own a tablet or whatever it costs a fortune for delivery of the key.

Darn, am I too late to go waste credits on the Nightlife? Is it hard to win the customization? And where is it? It is BoL, I hope?