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Y'know, I had my reservations about this idea, but it has grown on me.

Does it make sense, story-wise, for some Companions to be a different species? Probably not.

But you know what? If the player doesn't mind, then I see no reason it shouldn't be allowed. And I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of players that just want a Companion that looks appealing to them -- be that a human Ashara with their favorite hairstyle, or a Chiss Quinn -- and can deal with the potential five or ten minutes of story (if that!) in which it doesn't make sense. Especially considering that if you continue to play, you will be using your Companions for months or even years after their story is finished.

Besides, we are already allowed to make player characters that are kind of iffy lore-wise, and that don't really "make sense" during certain dialogues.

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2. Place all BioWARE character customization vendor with all non-CM customizations available on the fleet at a premium cost (say 18,000 credits/equivalent CCs)
For the standard vendor customizations, I agree that they should be centrally located on one easy to access vendor. But the ones from events and the CE/SK vendors? IMHO those should remain exclusive.

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8. In the Nightlife event rewards, swap Tharan and Doc's customization or in compensation for not exactly attractive Doc Customization provide an attractive one, with a more... erm conventional hairstyle. If it can be Mirialian, that would be AWESOME!
The Doc one isn't perfect, but it has a good looking face and no facial hair (which I dislike), so I use it. Mine wears a hooded chestpiece so he looks pretty cool. I am utterly baffled as to why they insisted on giving him a green mohawk though. They were so close!
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