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In terms of raw power, if you get optimized Dread Masters gear a Vanguard/Powertech in Assault/Pyro has the highest damage potential. However, this is very difficult to do, as you have to choose 2 of 3 things:

1. Reliable Procs
2. 100% DoT uptime
3. Having resources

You can't have all 3. The top parses with Pyro sacrificed the reliable procs, while the sustainable rotation will perform 7-10% worse.


Sentinels/Marauders - Focus/Rage
Juggernauts/Guardians - All Specs
Vanguards/Powertechs - Tactics/AP
Commandos/Mercs - Gunnery/Arsenal
Sorcs/Sages - All Specs
Sins/Shadows - Balance/Madness
Operatives/Scoundrels - Concealment/Scrapper
Snipers/Gunslingers - Marksman/Sharpshooter

Of these, i'd say either go with a Sorc or Sage with your spec of choice

Lightning/TK is especially simple, its use Thundering Blast/Turbulance on cooldown, follow it with a lightning strike/disturbance, and if just before it affliction or weaken mind isn't on the target, use that. Once that priority is done, you use Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush on cooldown, then the procs for quick Lightning/TK Throw and instant Chain Lightning/TK Wave

However, if you want more power, you can still opt for the sub-par Pyro spec.
Rotationally, you just go:

Flame Burst
Rapid Shots
Flame Burst
Rail Shot
Flame Burst
Flame Burst
Rail Shot

Filler is Thermal Detonator if available, Incendiary round if not. Replace flame burst with rocket punch if available.

Occasionally take the Thermal Detonator out for resource management purposes.
Kwerty, Level 65 Vanguard/Powertech on The Harbinger

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