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operative concealment, around 5 attacks, juggernaut vengeance a bit more if i remember, both mercenary trees, and i guess few more
Vengeance is way easier. Operative Concealment needs to worry about timing of each of its acid blades to not fall behind on energy, as well as positioning and juggling TA stacks, while the act of using Vengeance's rotation practically tells you which attack to use next.

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i should mention its for PVE. And i heard Vanguard (also Powertech) is bad on DPS. IS that true?
Pfft, no. They're quite good.

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How is operative concealment easy? It's one of the more complex rotations out there (obviously not marauder-level, but still). Even if the number of buttons may be low (with which I disagree), you have to deal with tactical advantage juggling. I thought PowerTech Pyro was universally considered the simplest right now?
In my personal opinion, Annihilation Marauders are much easier to play than any Operative DPS. Carnage is really the only hard rotation they have (but it is SUPER hard).
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