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Put Jaxo on the CM too? Or on the list of characters you hate?
I think the first would make a lot of people happy.
Oh I love me some Jaxo. I'd want her as a companion. Alternatively, I'd also pay for the ability to murder or maim an existing companion (as possible in beta). With Treek and HK-51 available, the reasons for removing that functionality are mitigated to a large extent. And rash people ("I didn't know it was permanent") deserve what they get but would have the opportunity to at least replace the companion they killed.

Heck, I'd pay 10,000 CCs just for the ability to kill Jorgan (as an account wide unlock). I love the Trooper story and, for example, would love to see what happens if I choose
, but the first 24 levels are interminable because of the companion. One that you're forced to use on several occasions.