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12.25.2011 , 09:56 PM | #35
For those of you that say there is "an orange item for every look", please tell me exactly what orange items match the look of medium Combat Synth armor. I love the look. I've reverse-engineered every piece up to purple, but as I understand it you can't continue to RE it till it gets to orange.

I've been trawling the GTN, and so far I have seen NO oranges that duplicate the look. I've seen plenty of stuff that is hideous, or looks like it belongs in City of Heroes, but nothing that matches the look of Combat Synth.

You can't tell me that it's "not lore," or it wouldn't be available at all.

Until someone can specifically name the orange armor that gives me a look identical to what I'm wearing, and what I like, I don't think you can argue that you can get any look you want from crafting.