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What it sounds to me like a lot of people are craving in GSF are:

Story: What exactly are we doing here? GSF is quite weak here. Class story or X-wings series style story is clearly beyond the GSF budget, but with the whole Kuat Drive yards mini-expac there would have been a natural fit for answering the question, "why are we doing this."

Rational Mission Objectives: I think this is what a lot of the, "more PvE please," requests stem from. What exactly is the strategic and tactical objective of the battle?

You don't shoot down enemy pilots just for the sake of shooting them down. You shoot them down because you want to do something and they are an obstacle to doing it. Same for PvE elements. Blowing stuff up for the sake of blowing it up gets old fast, even if the secondary explosions are really pretty.

You want something like: Shoot down fighter screen>Destroy particle shield generators>Destroy airdock door control (think drydock, but for spacecraft instead of oceangoing craft, welding underwater ain't easy, neither is welding in hard vacuum) > GOAL stop construction of enemy capital ships at this facility by wrecking the shipbuilding equipment inside the airdock.

I realize that Admiral Aygo is really keen on having us fly in circles around unmanned satellites, but I think he must be on some really, uh, interesting medications to believe that this is a useful expenditure of military resources, compared to say, defending the Republic shipbuilding facilities on the Kuat orbital rings.

Stronger incentives for team play: The thing about the ground PvP vs GSF and PvE vs GSF is that the simple scripted objectives in GSF aren't that great at helping people learn or desire team play. In group PvE the mechanics FORCE a certain level of team play for all non-trivial content. In PvP this is not true, but some of the objectives have very easy and obvious ways to benefit from team play, and as players get better they can build on that if they want to (though it doesn't happen all that often in PUGs). GSF has more space for teamwork to benefit players than in the ground game I think, but does a poorer job of getting them thinking about that in some ways.

If the above are really the desired outcomes, then doing things like capital ship battles, escorts, hardened target bombing, etc. is more feasible because you're not trying for a war simulation, but just trying to provide certain attributes of gameplay experience. Something that is more within grasp of the engine's limitations.
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