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08.02.2014 , 05:50 PM | #19
I would like a Nomi Sunrider or Exar Kun.

As for the ******** saying buy them of GTN, are the ones selling them most likely. I mean really that's like saying don't bring out anymore mounts or armour sets because its only cosmetic. The holotrainers are both credits, cartel certificates and rep points. which is really difficult to get as those packs are no longer available or only available for sort periods of time. I already have both holotrainers but if I was a new player then I would to be asking for them, well in-fact am after them again for my other accounts. They are also bound on pick-up if got though the venders in the cartel bazzar so cannot even buy them to send to my other characters on a different account. on top of this most f2p cannot have the amount of creds most are asking for these holotrainers, and before anyone says there are escrow boxes to get more, well if they buy these off cc then they are no longer f2p as they are considered preferred.

On top of that, this is the what you want to see forum, if that's what some players want then that's what some players want, if the players who said no in this thread, please tell what difference it makes to you if more become available or the same ones become available on the cc? If they want to buy them off cc using there own money WHY NOT.