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12.25.2011 , 09:42 PM | #1
So me and my guild just got finishing on our first proper raid in both operations available and all i can say is these things look like they were not even tested at all.

Loot randomly being assigned to people even if you have master loot on sucks balls, same inquisitor got 4 pieces of loot assigned by the game the entire night, whilst the others had to sit there with no chance to even get loot.

Bugs to get to bosses, Hutta boss required us all to die before we could even get to the boss and give it a chance the only reason we got to try this boss was because we had a class who could survive fall damage and res us

Chest still bugged giving no loot sometimes, and other loot other times sometimes one person could loot, but others couldnt.

Don't get me wrong, the instance was fun, but these things should be tested a million times as they are all very basic mechanics for an instance before you set raiding live, being blocked by bugs is fun for no one.