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I am reasonably certain that similarity of game experience is the driving factor, not some computational complexity.

Given that in MOST situations, mob behavior (for example) is really player behavior (specifically tank behavior) it gives the players a great deal of agency over the outcomes of their characters.

Also: You wouldn't want Raid A to be at the last boss, who has two moves that, when combined back to back, can kill an undergeared tank, and for that to happen based on Raid A's boss "realizing" it, while Raid B discovers some way (or just lucks into) some combination that convinces Raid B's boss not to stack the moves back to back. This kind of undocumented behavior would pretty much destroy world first raiding- in that example, Raid A and Raid B would both be undergeared, and some undocumented script behavior would determine the outcome. That kind of crap already happens, and it is unfortunate and unintended, but it would be EVERY boss.

Simply put, AI isn't for these types of games in pve.
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