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Wait, I was in the old Kaggath gang? I don't think I was, I was more battle zone back then. People underestimated Traya and Sidious' empires too much, going all TOR Fanboy or Kreia sucks, and it annoyed me too much to participate in them... But I'm not naming names (Warren <3)

Also, ewwwww. Old color was so much nicer.

Also, I totally would have won if I'd had Maul
And your fleet was way larger than the next rounds due to Beni's Nerf, aaaaaaannnnddddd no one took the quotes about Rakata/Schism tech on the Harrowers seriously until Rayla made them see.

But you can be my Shadow Hand, as Dark Lady of the Sith, if you want.

All ya got to do is swear fealty...
Well, you did participate in G0-T0 vs Traya, so I counted you.

And I don't know. This is too bright, but the other color is too dark. Dammit small color pallet!

And I also don't know if Maul would have done anything. Vader could still destroy Traya. He would just stab himself through his chest to kill Maul, then finish Traya

And no. I'll just be the new Prince Xizor
STATEMENT: I'm just a simple assassin...I mean bodyguard, master. You have nothing to fear.