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Xcore, for what it is worth, thank you for eloquently wording what many of us are struggling to find the words for. I agree with you completely, and have been feeling the exact same way you do. I look forward to any other responses you may have.
Thanks and the funny thing is, I completely sympathize with all the people who have no idea what we're talking about here or who don't see a problem etc.

I would just like to strap them into the chair and play WoW for 1 week straight (yes even if you hate it!) just to see the difference in Responsiveness that is being mentioned.

As for being eloquent, I try but at the same time I feel that people who have something inherently against WoW etc. go into Defensive Mode so quickly that the topic/subject and issue at hand is irrelevant and lost... thus they can never understand it in the first place.

In any case, I really am trying to sound the least possible condescending and arrogant and all I would like is some dialogue with a Bioware Developer, I really feel they need to communicate with us on this topic to put us at ease and to give a feeling of "We understand exactly what you're talking about, we'll try to fix it... here is what the problem is".

If Bioware, would just respond with anything. I am fine with them even saying "Yes guys, we know its a problem... we don't have a timeframe for the solution yet but we're on it"