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Hmm... Alderaan... that's lvl 28 or so right?

It would be possible (although tedious, and trust me, I'm speaking from experience) to make a duplicate character (same look, same equipment same name but with an ´ somewhere) and play all the way up to there (maby powerplaying using KDY) and re-record that planet.

if you're a completionist.

I did it with Loegaire (or should I say Loegaíre)... but I won't tell you what planet it was (because I don't want to show how insane I am, but let's just say I spent 2.5 million on one dye for him.)
Yeah I know, and I will probably get around to it on when another Double XP time comes around. I am just too lazy to grind it on normal speed because of 20 minutes of video.
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