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Im not sure the LOS pulling the beast of Vodal is about safety. It seems quite a few people on this game want an easy time without having to apply any thought (just look at all the ops groups who only take those who have achievement). They just want to switch the computer on, get into the mission, then practically fall asleep for the whole mission. This is I believe why tanks are less common than the other classes, tanking cannot be done without paying attention, whereas DerPS and healing can (as long as tank is competent ofc).

My wierd story, has nothing at all to do with group finder, but still strange.
I got a whisper on my sorc healer from what I thought was some random. After a bit it was clear he was someone in the guild who was going for HK and wanted help with the 2 flashpoints. I said I would help after I've finished my gree daily run. I ask him for invite, then set off to do false emperor. He then says he fancies doing the whole thing for fun. I don't see why not so we complete the mission me as 23k Sorc with 27k Khem, him as 26k DPS Jugg with 17k Quinn.

All goes fine as that ones not particularly hard (apart from the whole, interrupt Malgus "unlimited power" or you die instantly, which I explained beforehand so was never an issue).

Now the strange bit, we set off doing foundry HM. At HK a glitch occurs so when he goes to the middle and the thing comes down, the 4 panels don't appear and HK starts shooting us. Ofc we get "cannot see target" when we try to fight back, but Quinn is able too (Khem cant reach ).

When HK entered the middle thing he was at 64%, only Quinn could attack him and the phases weren't progressing. The Jugg switches off all Quinn's heals and puts him on officer instinct, while I deal with the heals and the jugg switches to soresu to keep himself alive (otherwise our only comp that can attack is gone).

Now I understand foundry is only lvl 50, but my Sorc was only 156/162 geared, Khem was 156, the DPS Jugg (who couldn't do anything) was 156/162 and Quinn was 140. Now IMO Quinn should not be able to take HK from 64% to dead without any problems.
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