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Better idea:
  • No LFG Tool.
  • Impliment a Global LFG Channel players can opt out and rejoin on a whim.
Best of both worlds.
This and only this should be listened to. The reason why we all don't want a LFG system exactly like WoW's is because that is what really was the catalyst for LOTS of people leaving WoW. The servers no longer actually needed a community and most of the people you get paired up with don't even have a clue what they are doing. The only reason I could even think as to why any of you people asking for this really want it is because you have never played a MMO without it and therefore do not understand how close the community of a server can become without one.

As for you not being able to do certain things because there are no people, I have two answers to that:

1. You have out-leveled everyone else and there are not enough people where you are (yet). Give it time and there will eventually be people there with you.

2. You play at really odd hours for your server which would basically make sure no one is on when you are. Only remedy for this is to try and play at more regular hours.

P.S. Bioware, please do not ever, ever, EVER implement a LFG system. A LFG chat channel that spans the whole galaxy is ok as long as we have the option to enter and leave it at will.
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Curious how many would stand in the street staring down an oncoming garbage truck because they don't have DBM telling them to get out of the way.
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Yeah I feel sorry for the devs. The new breed of gamers are so %$$#&^%