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07.23.2014 , 07:30 AM | #4092
Had a weird-ish run of HM Core Meltdown last night on my so-so geared op healer, Grobian on TRE. The desert boss went down without any fuss, but the Vrlbther in the jungle proved impossible for the group. Probably a combination of gear, lack of tactical insight and whatnot, the adds got us every time. That's not the weird thing, though.

The group was nice! After the 5th or 6th wipe, we realised that we couldn't do it, but instead of disbanding and calling each other ugly names, we decided to abandon that mission and requeue for another. We got Athiss HM, and it went down smooth as silk, except for one wipe at the Prophet when I stopped to heal too soon, running from the flames. You could feel the sense of accomplishment.
Thanks to all.