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This is a great post... So many people don't understand the importance of team work and what different classes are best at... Ie a stealth at a node defending of doing a ninja will rarely get as many medals as the person doing a death match in the middle of the map because they think the highest DPS or medals makes them the best player... All the while the other team is winning the match
Not passing in Huttball, death matching and not chasing the ball carrier will lose you the match... I rarely get many medals or DPS out in Huttball... I'm too busy trying to win... Of all the maps, Huttball is the most important to have team work.... If only people would treat it like a sport... Ie like soccer, where passing and defence are paramount
It always amazes me when you give polite advice about passing etc and are ignored... After the match someone not playing as a team will say something like... You did not DPS or got 4 medals... Your a **** player
Really the whole medal and points system needs an over haul to encourage team work
There should also be a message that pops up in the load screen reminding people to vote and what benefits they also get if they do get medals and that if they don't vote they get non
A training zone for your team would also be great... Especially for Huttball so people can practice throwing the ball
Most of the best Huttball wins I have been in... Our team has less than 5 medals a piece and less than 100k DPS... We win 6 nil in about 2 mins because we work as a team and run circles around these people trying to death match us... Then we get accused of hacking... LoL... All because we passed 3 times to the line and won so quickly
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