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These replies concerning the competency of tanks for using the shuttle in Cam or having used the Cave in Athiss are hilari-bad. "If the tank knooows what he's dooooooing, then he'll just--"

Moooo. Who cares? It's a flashpoint. You can face tank them, or you can cheese it. Who cares? There are no brilliant insights* into endgame tanking to be gained from not cheesing the encounters. It generally comes down to if you think your team has good dps or poor. If it's poor, sure, make it easy on them (if you can.) If the dps is good, then just plow through it.

I notice in the hubbub to name tanks hot or not, no one says boo about wussy healers who hide behind trash cans and rails so that bosses with pulls won't interrupt their casting.

*Actually, now that I think about it, cheesing adds in FP's prepares you perfectly for operations. Most ops cheese the first trash pull in DP, the trash pull before the writhing horror in TFB, the adds before the first money boss in TFB, the adds before the puzzle boss in EV, and heck, anyone who does a stealth rez is technically using an exploit. it would appear that cheesing encounters is something that players are conditioned to do. But anyone who uses the shuttle in the Cam is a lazy punk who should be shot in the face. Principals, yo. Standards.
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