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? WHAT ADDS? Are you talking about the little droids that spawn in the first boss fight? They are supposed to attack, it was a very long standing bug that they didnt. All you have to do is break off every other electricity phase, tap them twice and they die. Thats nothing....

Yea, but as a tank, those adds hit like a truck, and without really good Mdps, or ok Rdps, you arent gonna burn those adds down quickly enough, the first time i did that fight, it took 10 tries before i finally gave up on the fight, nowadays i can clear it perfectly fine.

Your idea of "a really good healer" is clearly different than mine. Have you ever done an operation? (Im just trying to imagine a guild advert: '<Gone Sithing> is now recruiting for Tactical and HMFP progression content. Apply today and come push the boundaries of SWToR!")

Yes, in fact ive done HM TFB, All ops in SM fasion, Attempted NiM EC < 2 Hours achivement, AND done HM S&V and, i'm a part of one of now 6 raid groups, some of which are trying NiM DF and DP progression, i am in the newest of our raid groups though, and have moved back to HM TFB and SM S&V for team coordination building.

As far as defending your exploiting as "tactics," just .. dont. Its too sad to be funny. Hell, most of the time these "tactics" you love so much just make the fight more difficult. If your tank has more than two neurons to rub together (which is a freaking hilarious joke from about 3 different angles), the wookie himself kills all the adds for you. Instead of trying to glitch the boss out because youre scared of a few ugnaughts, you could just do it the RIGHT way, and have an EASIER time.

Nine times out of 10, i actually am a tank with my dad and me, PT tank, and i DO know that the wookie's flamethrower attack kills the ugnaughts, the reason why i use the stratagey for that fight is because 9/10 the healer will take aggro on the Ugnaughts, and it makes it stupidly easy to group them up by kiting the boss to the police car, and have the heals stand on top.
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