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Used to the adds in Corp Labs wouldnt aggro unless you AOE'd them. now, they will aggro at ANY range, and their laser attack has an infinite range too.

The point of the cave/pond stratagey is to make the boss less difficult. those adds if not dealt with quickly can kill a group even with a really good healer (my dad can attest to that as his main is a Mercinary Healer, and he is nearly the top healer in my guild [Gone Sithing on The Harbinger]) So, the knowledge of being able to kite the boss previously isnt an exploit, it's a tactical advantage. If your fighting something, you want every single advantage you can get right? Cause, if you dont your kinda stupid. It's similar with the wookie fight in HM Cad, that's a tactical advantage, not an exploit...
Hmm, do you mean the standard droid adds on the first robot boss in labs? Yah now that u mention it, they used to just stand around and not attack u unless u did. What a lousy thing that was too. Better the way it is now.

I guess u can define exploit by directly or indirectly avoiding an intentioned mechanic. Not fighting the adds in HM athiss on that second boss hence is an exploit. It takes like 1 smash to kill the entire pack, I really dont undrerstand what all the fuss is about with today's gear.

There is unfortunatly this tendency to avoid stuff instead of doing it the right way and actually learn something and become a better player (of course there r excpetions, but if ur having trouble doing the fight as it is, u should first down it the way it should be done so u can improve as a player).