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Our 8 man group has the following DPS usually available:

2 Vanguards (Assault on this fight)
1 Gunslinger (Hybrid, used to be sab here but he kept rolling into the magnet)
1 Sage (TK here)
1 Sentinel (Watchman, though not afraid to respec to focus when its absolutely neccesary

The way we do it is we constantly burn the boss while the tanks run around with adds and try and get them into the lava and keep them there. After every pipe smash -> Magnet, We get the adds deliberately AoEd if there are more than 3 alive and then when we're done with AoEs (they dont have to die, just take heavy damage) get back onto grob.

End result, we never have more than 10 up at a time (just before pipe smash) and we havent enraged in weeks
Kwerty, Level 65 Vanguard/Powertech on The Harbinger

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