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Is this an exploit too than?
- Burning DP council 1 by 1 in 1st phase
- Burning DP council bestia in 3rd phase and disregard the rest (4th phase starts just at the moment they finish their cast)
- Stacking up all adds on top op bestia to AoE them
- Pulling adds away from bestia and just burn bestia down
- Not jumping down when you get a Tyrans simplificdation (technicly its a mechanic you could use (dumb one for SM but still possible))
- standing against the throne to prevent knockback (instead of being a man and evade the cast)
- sentinel dps entering tankchallenge just for lolz
- commando/scoundrel/sage dps helping out with the healer challenge
- Nevra SM is so easy it should be considered an exploit al together
- ignoring pipeslam of grobbie and just take the slamdamage+pushback
- stacking up on czero on HM in order to negate the mine
- skipping the 1st droid at brontes (which a lousy and utterly stupid tactic if I may say so, dps is high enough to kill it so freaking kill it instead of letting it go bang and risk a low HP person to fall dead)
- sending up every single dps to the top at trasher so you only need 1 roar (mostly HM)
- doing oasis city with 1 uberduber team of the 2(or 4) best geared
- olok the shadow 'just click purple' tactic instead of solving the puzzle
- solo tanking EV, TfB, Scum, DF and DP (meaning bring 5 dps)
- solo healing the **** so you have 6 dps
- knocking out adds at EC firebrand/sc so herptyderpty AoE dps won't kill the shield/bombadd

Hmmmm seems I had some inspiration here. Anyways, some examples may be better than others but I guess you get the gist of ignoring intended mechanics or making smart use of implemented skills.
There is not some magical One and Only strategy to doing an op. The challenge is to find one that works. And making the fight harder by pretending it's HM so casual players, who don't have the time or inclination to commit to a progression raiding group, can learn the strategy only makes the fight harder.